Police looking for juvenile who fondled women at grocery store

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- North Charleston police are trying to identify a juvenile who has been fondling women at stores along Rivers Avenue and Dorchester Road.

According to a trio of police reports, the juvenile is black, around 15 years old, about 5 1/2 feet tall, and about 120 pounds.

The first reported incident was on Aug. 25. In that incident, a woman said she was outside the Food Lion on Dorchester Road when the suspect humped the woman from behind and grabbed her thigh.

The report states the woman chased to suspect around the building until she felt it was unsafe for her to continue following him. Police and store management checked surveillance footage and fount the suspect had been in the store.

The second incident happened on Sept. 1 at the Walmart on Rivers Avenue. In this incident, the suspect followed the woman through the store and out into the parking lot, where he pushed the woman against her car, lifted her dress and grinded against her back and butt.

According to the report, a man sitting in a truck nearby saw the incident and chased the suspect away from the woman.

Again, police and store management checked surveillance video and found the suspect following the woman through the store and out into the parking lot.

In the third incident on Sept. 8, the suspect followed a woman through the Food Lion store on Dorchester Road and waited for her outside. When the woman walked to her car, he ran up behind her and wrapped his arms around the woman, the report states.

The woman was able to elbow the suspect several times and free herself, police reported. The suspect left of a bike.

{}Several employees said the suspect is known to hang out in front of the store, but no one knew his name.

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