Meth making materials found on roof of CofC dorm

Meth materials found on roof of George Street dorm (WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Investigators from Columbia have been called in to try and determine what kind of substance was found in jugs on the roof of a College of Charleston dorm early Wednesday.

"When they got to the roof of the dormitory, George Street Apartments, they noticed 2 one liter bottles filled with some kind of chemical," said Mike Robertson, spokesman for the College of Charleston.{}

Robertson says the materials found on the roof of George Street Apartments are consistent with meth making.

State Law Enforcement Division officials said a sleeping bag was found on the roof near the substances. Investigators said it's possible squatters stepped across to the roof of the building from the top of the parking garage.

"The top of the building is accessible throughthe city garage," said Robertson. "The problem we've had is we've wanted to put up a fence tokeep people from getting on to the garage, but the city has not let us."

Tim Keane, director of planning for the City of Charleston, says the city's Board of Architectural Review decided fencing wasn't the safest option.

"One of the main issues was there was a concernthat the screening would create a more unsafe situation. That it would haveprompted people to try to climb over it or around it," said Keane.

Officials say workers at the CVS located at the corner of St. Phillip and George streets reported a leak in the roof around 1 a.m. Residence life leaders called authorities.

Investigators say two vats of an unknown substance were found on the roof. Some personal items were also found nearby.

"One option is some additional security camerasto keep an eye on that area," Keane said. "That was something discussed when thescreening was discussed. Perhaps we need some additional monitoring of thatarea."

Keane says the BAR will re-evaluate the college's request and possibly make a decision within the next 30 days.{}

Authorities say the amount of the substance wasn't substantial enough to require an evacuation of the building.

The college does not have any classes Wednesday due to Thanksgiving break. There are few people in the building today, according to College of Charleston spokesman Mike Robertson.

The apartment building is a dorm for College of Charleston upperclassmen.

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