Police stop driver for running stop sign, find drugs, money and gun


ST. GEORGE, S.C. (WCIV) -- An officer with the St. George Police saw a white Toyota Sequia run a stop sign but the suspects ended up with much more than a ticket.According to the police report, the traffic stop happened Sunday around 5:30 p.m. on Jim Bilton Boulevard just off of Interstate 95. The driver pulled into the Flying J gas station.Three passengers got out of the vehicle, saying they had to go to the bathroom.The officer says he smelled marijuana coming from inside the car when the driver rolled down the window. He asked the driver if he had pot and the driver said no but pulled out a bag of marijuana and a pipe from the glove box once the officer said he could just call the K9 unit.Another officer responded and a search of the Sequia and the other passengers when they returned, resulted in the seizure of:

  • $1620 us dollars
  • A fake id
  • A mason jar with moonshine in it
  • One black " blazer" micro torch
  • One blue "vector " micro torch
  • A black bottle containing 3 Adderall pills (20 mg)
  • One bong with residual in it
  • A green leafy substance in the ash tray
  • One Dr. Pepper can with a false compartment, that had a green leafy substance and cigarillos
  • A Gilligans glass containing a burnt leafy substance
  • Five bongs glass/ colored
  • one glass pipe
  • one perfection pen wrapped in bubble wrap inside of a plastic bag
  • A shoe box that contained a Smith and Wesson 40 caliber hand gun, loaded
  • A bag containing mushrooms
  • Three brown looking substances wrapped in aluminum foil (brownies with mushrooms cooked inside of them)
  • A plastic bag containing Kahlua liquor, New Amsterdam Peach liquor and a bottle of Skyy vodka
  • A black bag containing a bottle of Adriell 10.5 pills (30 ms)
  • A metal container with a marijuana symbol on it containing 2.5 macaco of ecstasy (mdap)
  • A plastic container containing six bags of green leafy substance weighing 42.5 macaco,
  • A brown box containing marijuana candy made with melted skittles
  • One green rubber bottle with a green leafy substance
  • One black rubber bottle with a green leafy substance
  • The bag that all the drugs was found in Was black in color with yellow, green , red stripes.

The driver, 24-year-old Stephen Roe, and the three other passengers were all arrested for drug and weapons violations. The passengers were identified as 20-year-old Stephen Howell Jr., 19-year-old Angela Leonhardt and 20-year-old Kari Robbins.