Report: Day care worker hit girl, 4, in the mouth

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- A day care worker was arrested after a parent accused her of "plucking" her 4-year-old daughter's lip repeatedly, making it bleed in an incident that happened late last month.

According to the incident report, 36-year-old Kelli Walker was charged with simple assault after the director of the Sunshine House on Long Point Road called police to tell them about the incident. The report states that Walker hit the girl in the mouth several times until it bled and grabbed her by the arm, throwing her against a wall at the facility.

The girl's mother told police that she went to the day care center to confront Walker and found her yelling angrily at the children under her care. She said she then went to the center's director to tell officials that Walker was "out of control," according to the report.

A Department of Social Services official was also called, the report states.

The 4-year-old's mother said her daughter came home complaining of ill treatment by Walker.

"Ms. Walker hit me in my mouth really hard and I cried," the girl reportedly told her mother. "She grabbed me by the arm and it hurt and hit me against the wall and told me to shut that bad word noise and stop crying."

The report goes on to allege that Walker told the 4-year-old she would not be allowed to go to another child's party if she told her parents.

No pictures of the injuries were taken, according to the report. Officers also did not see any visible signs of injury on the 4-year-old.

A school official said Walker was on probation due to a previous incident and was fired on July 26{} after the allegations were made against her in the most recent case.