Report: Bag of drugs found in man's boxers

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A man police said had sex in a Home Depot shed in August is facing drug charges.Shaun Bowden, 32, of Ladson, is charged with possession of cocaine, manufacturing and distributing crack cocaine, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, and resisting arrest.According to a police report, an officer was assisting another officer with a traffic stop at the Quality Inn and Suites at 7415 Northside Drive, when a guest told the officer many people had been coming in and out of one of Bowden's at all hours. The guest added that many people had knocked on the guest's door and asked about drugs, officers said.The officer smelled marijuana when Bowden opened the door to his room, the report states. According to the report, the officer frisked Bowden after he repeatedly reached for the waist band of his shorts.The officer felt an "extremely large, unnatural bulge" in the waist band of Bowden's boxers, which contained a bag of drugs, the report states.According to the report, the bag contained 20 grams of marijuana plant material, 3.8 grams of cocaine and 3 grams of marijuana substance. The officer tried to put Bowden's hands behind his back but Bowden broke free and ran away, officers said.During the chase, the officer stunned Bowden in his shoulder and lower back with a Taser, causing him to fall and injure his face, arms and hands, according to the report. When he did not show his hands, Bowden was stunned a second time.According to the report, Bowden was bleeding and appeared unconscious. He was transported to MUSC where he was treated.He was released into police custody and gave the officer another bag of a white rock substance, saying that he did not want to get into any extra trouble by taking the bag into the jail.

In August, police said Home Depot employees watched Bowden enter a shed with a woman, close the door and not come back out.

Bowden was charged with indecent exposure in that incident.