Suit filed against The Citadel for failing to stop Reville

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - A lawsuit filed Tuesday in Charleston County alleges The Citadel failed to warn people as early as 2007 about Louis "Skip" Reville, which led to repeated sexual assaults at the school.

The suit is based off The Citadel's "failing to correct the implicit representation that Reville was a proper person to supervise and control children, when it was known that Reville had a sexual interest in children." It goes on to accuse the school of failing to disrupt Reville's actions, falling short on necessary training for staff members and creating conditions in which children would find themselves in the unsupervised care of Reville.

The lawsuit also reveals that Reville approached school safety officers and confessed that he had been sexually abusing boys at the camp and sought help. The lawsuit alleges nothing was done even though the school purports to report all crimes to the State Law Enforcement Division.

The lawsuit, filed by the father of one of Reville's victims, alleges the school was warned in 2007 that a boy attending a camp was sexually assaulted by Reville. According to the filings, Reville invited the victim and another boy into his dorm room for dinner. Once he had the boys in the room, the suit describes Reville showing a pornographic movie and masturbating with them.

School officials told the parents they would investigate the matter.

"Most of all, the thing I want the most is just to make sure that Skip doesn't have a chance to do this to anyone else," the victim told school officials at the time.

However, the suit says instead of reporting Reville in 2007, The Citadel only reported the information to its insurance carrier and offered a pay-out to the victim's family to avoid a lawsuit and keep the allegations quiet.

In 2011 when Reville was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting several young boys, the filing states the plaintiff was caused severe emotional distress when he heard about other victims.

The plaintiffs asked for a jury trial in which damages will be determined by the jury.

Reville was a cadet at the military college from 1998-2002 and served as a camp counselor at the school until 2004.

Reville pleaded guilty in June 2012 on 22 different indictments of sex crimes against young boys. The judge handed down a 50-year sentence at the time. Reville will serve 85 percent before being eligible for release.

In July of 2012, SLED investigators cleared the school of any criminal charges in the case, saying there was no evidence The Citadel committed a crime or should face prosecution.

In April 2013, an outside investigations firm determined there was no cover-up by officials at The Citadel.

In the wake of the scandal, The Citadel has worked to change the environment at the school, requiring Darkness 2 Light training sessions for cadets, faculty and staff. The school was honored earlier this week by the organization for its commitment to abuse prevention.

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