USCG Gallatin crewman charged with sexual assault


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- An officer previously attached to the Coast Guard Cutter Gallatin will face court martial proceedings.

According to a release from the United State Coast Guard, Lt. Wayne Barfield was charged with sexual assault, maltreatment, conduct unbecoming an officer, fraternization and drunk and disorderly conduct.

USCG officials said Vice Adm. Robert Parker decided to convene a court-martial because of a recommendation from a September "Article 32 investigation."

An Article 32 hearing is similar to a preliminary hearing in civilian courts. The hearing reviewed evidence related to charges against Lt. Barfield but is not a trial.{}

Barfield's court martial is tentatively scheduled to be held in Charleston but a date has not been set.

Officials confirm Barfield was assigned to Charleston's Coast Guard Cutter Gallatin at the time of the incident but has been reassigned while he waits for his trial.



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