VIDEO: Police arrest man who reportedly shot gun at Wannamaker County Park

Wendell Jordan (Al Cannon Detention Center).jpg

North Charleston Police have arrested a man who witnesses say pulled a gun and recklessly shot into the air while surrounded by a crowd of people Sunday at Wannamaker County Park.

Wendell Jordan, 52, is in jail at the Al Cannon Detention Center, charged with discharging a firearm in city limits.

Officers who arrived at the park after receiving reports of a disturbance say witnesses told them Jordan told a crowd approaching him he was a concealed weapon permit holder, and then fired a couple shots in the air.

North Charleston Police public information officer Spencer Pryor did not provide more in-depth details about what happened leading up to the incident, or why Jordan may have felt the need to fire his gun.

The videos above provided to ABC News 4 by a viewer were reportedly taken at Wannamaker County Park following the incident. We have combined the videos into one clip for convenience.

In the first video, a man is heard chastising another man, seen wearing a blue shirt and jeans, for firing a gun in a crowded park filled with children. The second video shows the man in jeans and a blue shirt handcuffed outside a North Charleston Police vehicle, with two police officers standing beside him.

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