#DinnerOnDave Coastal Carolina Fair style

Chester’s Gators and Taters (Dave Williams/WCIV)

I have been smelling the fried goodness at the fair for almost the last week, but finally I got to enjoy some of the food, besides the scorpion I ate last week. That’s a story for another time. That means it was time for #DinnerOnDave Coastal Carolina Fair style.

My dining partners were Katrena that I work with, her son Aiden and WEZL’s Ric Rush. We decided to walk the loop and start sampling.

Aiden decided to kick things off at Chester’s Gators and Taters. He ordered the Gator Mac and Cheese, that’s right, real alligator. It was tender and spicy with a Cajun flair grilled on a flat top, really yummy on top of creamy mac & cheese.

Ric & Katrena decided they wanted to try Daley’s Dogs.

Katrena got the Jalapeno Corn Dog, they stick the peppers right to the hot dog with toothpicks, batter and fry to perfection. It was a nice spicy twist to the classic.

And Ric did get the classic Corn Dog, nothing fancy and gone as quickly as it got fried up.

I found the largest grill in the place packed with many meats, turkey, chicken and what I picked, the ribs, plus there was grilled corn on the cob.

The ribs from Ole’ Southern Barbecue were seasoned well, smoky and very large. Glad I got to feast on some meat that was not fried.

Then it was time for my weakness, French fries from the Fry Hop! These are the real deal, fresh, never frozen, hand cut thick natural French fries. I got a bucket, and I had them topped with hot buffalo sauce and cool ranch sauce. Ric and I both dug in and they were certainly far from the healthiest option, but truly one of the tastiest!

We were sitting next to a very nice family who was enjoying a varied menu of fair delicacies. They were impressed by our pile of food, and we decided to award the $50 gift card to Scott, Terri, Zackary Taylor and Shelley Hall. We really had to, no one should have to witness the carnage they did and they won #DinnerOnDave.

You’re asking where are the sweets? I couldn’t do it, I was stuffed and the elephant ear was too much to handle, but it sure did look and smell good.

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