#DinnerOnDave, Harold's Cabin Edition

The Harold & Lillian (Dave Williams/WCIV)

#DinnerOnDave this week came from a suggestion by ABC News 4’s Erin Kienzle. She suggested Harold’s Cabin in downtown Charleston. I told her I had not been, but would love to check it out, so we did!

Harold’s is on the corner of Congress & President near Citadel’s Johnson Hagood Stadium in a fully renovated building.

The first room features a bar with ample seating, then you step up into the first dining room, and there is another just overhead on the next floor. It’s very cozy yet comfortable, like a good hunting cabin should be.

We set right to work on the appetizers and got the Harold & Lillian, named after the place, it must be good. It was lox and latkes with thin sliced green apples and crème fraiche. It was crunchy, savory and extremely flavorful.

Then we couldn’t decide on an entrée, so we went ahead and got 3 and some sharing plates.

The Quail came with a smoked butternut spaghetti squash also a sunflower seed risotto and grapefruit wedges. It was rich and delicious with several textures and flavors going on all at once that blended perfectly.

The Butcher Steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare and came with IPA marinated then fried bite sized morsels of sweet potato and a malted milk and all garnished with paper thin radishes. It was all tasty, but the sweet potatoes were the understated star of this dish.

Erin and I both agreed that the Pork Shoulder was our favorite. It came on a heaping helping of field peas, preserved tomato then smoky, charred greens with egg yolk and brown butter. This dish was hearty, earthy and satisfyingly scrumptious, and the pork was just so tender and pulled apart with a fork. A plus on that one Harold!

We were beyond full, we had some to go containers, but the desert menu was calling my name. I talked Erin into the Grilled Zucchini Bread with bourbon cherries, candied pecans and a sweet parsnip cream icing. We were glad we got it, moist, sweet and absolutely yummy. It was so good, we almost licked the board it came on clean!

The choice for who was going to win the $50 was an easy one. It went to three generations of the Carven family out enjoying great food at Harold’s Cabin and togetherness. They put a smile on my face, and the $50 prize was an easy way for me to make more new friends!

It’s been a great run, #DinnerOnDave has endured almost two years, but the end is now here, unless there’s a miracle. I thank you all for reading my ramblings and passing along so many kind words, it really has been my pleasure. Charleston has the best restaurants in the world. (Not biased at all!!)

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