2 students charged with threatening schools in Georgetown County

Two Georgetown County teenagers were arrested after being accused of making threats to schools this week.

According to Georgetown County Sheriff's officials, parents of students at Waccamaw Middle School in Litchfield told school officials about threats made on social media Wednesday.

GCSO officials said that on March 1, the 13-year-old student made a Power Point presentation about school shootings that left some of his classmates upset. Days later he posted on Instagram the phrase “Wednesday, March 22.” The date is associated with a 2001 school shooting in Granite Hills, Calif.

School officials called GCSO investigators who then arrested the student and charged him with disturbing schools.

A witness told investigators the post was a joke and the student did not want to take it down because of the amount of reaction he was getting.

They said he will undergo a psychiatric evaluation before he goes to the Department of Juvenile Justice in Columbia.

Another student, this one 16 years old, was arrested Tuesday for threatening to "shoot up" Carvers Bay High School.

GCSO officials said the boy's grandfather told school officials the boy "threatened to 'shoot up' the school after they had an argument about the teenager going to Myrtle Beach."

A school resource officer said the grandfather told him he "had seen changes in the boy over the past three weeks and feared he would act on his threats."

He also said the boy had access to firearms and knew how to use them. The grandfather voluntarily turned over all firearms in the house to the sheriff’s office.

Deputies went home with the grandfather and found the boy asleep. He was taken into custody and will undergo a psychological evaluation at Tidelands Health, Georgetown Memorial Hospital.

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