Black Lives Matter confront school board over bus brawl incident in North Charleston

Police called to break up a bus brawl are now being condemned by activists more than a week after a video of the confrontation spread through social media.

Those with the Black Lives Matter group voiced their concerns at the Charleston County School Board meeting Monday night. They said it’s an issue they won’t see quietly fade away.

They questioned the need for police interference when schools already have resource officers and administration.

“How officers are supposed to de-escalate fights between children, we would like to know if officers are even trained to work with school-aged children,” said one protester.

“Any bus incident that I had been in attendance to growing up never resulted in police interference,” said one woman who used to ride the school bus.

The School Board heard their voices.

“Questions and answers about the roles of both the resource officers in our schools and police officers when it comes to the safety of our children, need to be addressed and it’s very healthy to have that dialog,” said Dr. Gerrita Postlewait.

School Board Chair Kate Darby said district resource officers are trained to de-escalate and handle incidents with children. But since the school bus fight was off-campus,North Charleston police were called to the scene.

“The bus driver did what the bus driver thought they needed to do to keep the safety of the children on the bus,” said Darby.

Darby said the school board has no authority over this particular matter, but said they welcome the input.

“What we can do is we can make recommendations on how we handle things within the schools, how we work with the school resource officers, what kind of training we want resource officers to have,” Darby said.

Last week,leaders with the National Action Network came out in support of law enforcement after reviewing the bus video. Mayor Keith Summey also said he stands by the officers' actions.

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