District still collecting votes for Charleston County school schedule proposals

There's still time for people to vote on Charleston County School District's three academic calendar options for the next school year.

Voting ends at noon on Feb. 27.

Once the voting period closes, the results will be handed over to the CCSD Board of Trustees who will decide on the option that gathered the most votes or ask for changes.

According to the first option, the first full day of school for students will be Aug. 22. Winter break starts at the end of the day on Dec. 15 and classes resume on Jan. 2.

The last day of school is set for June 11.

According to the second option, the starts for the school year and winter break are the same, but the plan calls for an extra day at the end of winter break. Classes would resume on Jan. 3.

The last day of school is set for June 12 under that plan.

And the third plan has students returning to class on Aug. 17 but taking off on Aug. 21 for the solar eclipse. Winter break will run from Dec. 21 until Jan. 4. The last day of school is set for June 1.

The third option depends on the state legislature approving a bill that would allow school districts a one-year exemption from starting school before the third Monday in August.

To vote, follow this link.