Mount Pleasant teen arrested for Airsoft gun on bus after Snapchat post

A Mount Pleasant teen was arrested for bringing a weapon on school property after officials say he posted a Snapchat photo of an Airsoft gun on a school bus.

A Snapchat post led to a Mount Pleasant teen being arrested Tuesday for bringing an Airsoft gun on a school bus.

Police say Wando High School officials reported the teen, who is a minor, to them after seeing a photo of the air gun on Snapchat.

Police went to the teen's home and confronted him, and say the teen told them he had only taken the photo, and that the air gun belonged to a friend.

When the child's father and grandfather arrived at the home, police say the teen ran inside and locked the doors.

Police say they later searched the child's room, where they found a bookbag that was also shown in the Snapchat photo of the gun.

Another search uncovered a holster shown in the photo, plus a second Airsoft gun, a BB gun, and an Airsoft ammunition magazine that didn’t fit the second Airsoft.

Investigators later found the Airsoft gun from the photo, the cell phone and a CO2 canister used to power the gun.

The teen was arrested and charged with having a gun on school property.

Airsoft guns shoot plastic projectiles powered by compressed air, and generally aren't considered deadly.

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