Mt. Pleasant parent upset about principal change, supports #TeamRambo

Courtesy: Bren Monteiro

James B. Edwards Elementary School has a lot of fans among students and parents. One of them isn't afraid to talk about a proposed change to its leadership.

"We're very fond of our principal. We feel that we have a school that has something special,” said Bren Monteiro. “And while no school is about any one person, the principal does set the tone."

Monteiro refers to the possible reassignment of Jake Rambo. Rambo is one of several school principals that might be moved under a plan from the Charleston County School District. And many moms and dads aren't happy about it.

"This would mean three principals in five years for our James B Edwards Elementary School. How the school board thinks that in any way that would be good for our children I just don't know,” said Monteiro. “And they haven't answered that."

Monteiro's daughter is a third grader at the school. She says her 9-year-old is becoming a better student under the guidance of Jake Rambo. That's why several parents are organizing a campaign to keep him at the school.

"It's been a very awkward communication forum. And the parents feel very left out,” explained Monteiro. “We don't feel that we have school board members that are representing us because they've given up that right."

School district officials explain every principal has received a new employment contract. But some of their assignments haven't been decided. They say staffing decisions can't be shared.

"There's nothing but talking down to parents. And apparently talking down to principals in the schools themselves," said Monteiro.

That's why Bren Monteiro and others are rallying around their school and its principal. They want district leaders to keep Jake Rambo in place.

"The parents feel just insanely strong. These are our children. This is our children's future," Monteiro said.

In a prepared statement, school district officials tell us some decisions haven’t been finalized. Parents are also worried that teacher evaluations are threatening to their jobs. But school leaders say the evaluations aren’t disciplinary.

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