Orlando Bloom sympathizes with Johnny Depp's legal woes

Premiere Pirates of The Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales Featuring: Orlando Bloom Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 19 May 2017 Credit: Apega/

Orlando Bloom sympathizes with his pal Johnny Depp for having his personal issues "dragged out in public" because the Hollywood veteran is a real "stand-up" guy.

The 53-year-old's reputation has taken a number of blows over the past year following his messy divorce from Amber Heard, who accused the actor of domestic abuse, and his ongoing legal battle with his former business managers over missing funds, which his ex-representatives have blamed on his allegedly hapless spending.

Despite the turmoil away from the cameras, Depp has not let the controversies interfere with his work, and he has been keeping busy promoting his new movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales."

The film premiered in Los Angeles on Thursday night, and his co-star Orlando had nothing but good things to say about his old pal, reports

"The man that I know and love is the man who's here tonight, and he's like, on form and does everything the right way," the British star told the press.

Bloom went on to express his admiration at how Depp has handled himself during his tough times, adding, "You know, people go through all kinds of weird stuff in the world and it's just a shame that it has to be dragged out in public. Because God knows he's been one of the most private and stand-up people I've ever met."

And he wasn't the only one to speak out in support of Johnny - the blockbuster franchise's producer Jerry Bruckheimer also has his back.

"He's a fabulous guy, a great artist...," Jerry shared.

Among the latest accusations levied at Depp in his court dispute with Joel and Robert Mandel and their The Management Group (TMG) company include claims the actor spends millions of dollars employing a vast entourage, including a sound engineer paid to feed him his lines on film sets.

Depp has yet to directly address those allegations, but last month, he told the Wall Street Journal, "Why didn't they drop me as a client if I was so out of control? I've worked very, very hard for a lot of years and trusted a lot of people, some who've clearly let me down."

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