Could death be knocking at your door? It's a possibility for 1 in 4 South Carolinians

Could death be knocking at your door? It's a possibility for 1 in 4 South Carolinians

For hundreds even thousands of years, we have known that we as humans are powered from the inside. We have body parts that work together for us to preform how we do each day. Walking, talking, moving, eating, laughing, etc. all are functions that occur because of the makeup of our bodies: organs, elements, cells, tissue, atoms, systems, bacteria, and the list goes on.

Let’s check out this analogy: if your car runs off of regular unleaded gas, and you fill it with regular unleaded gas, it runs great. If you put diesel in a car that is made for unleaded gas, the car will not run, and the engine will become damaged. Just like our bodies, it does not get clearer than this.

I often refer to fueling our bodies, meaning what we consume to aid in the functioning of our bodies, whether good or bad. If we consume things that our bodies are supposed to consume, i.e. natural foods (nothing processed) then we are going to be fueled properly, just like the car fueled by unleaded gas. If we fuel our bodies with processed, fried, and packaged foods, our body and systems aren’t so good at processing these and will not function correctly, resulting in the same situation as the car that was fueled with diesel.

As talked about in last week’s #Kellyscharlestonchallenge article, Obesity: The problem that just keeps getting bigger in more ways than one, according to the Center of Disease Control, one in every five children are obese. One in every three adults are obese in South Carolina. This past article touched on how we can try to prevent and overcome obesity in our everyday lives. If weight gain, unhealthy eating habits, and a lack of physical activity is what we see on the outside, can you imagine what it is doing to the inside?

Much of the body is affected when someone becomes overweight and then obese. We are going to look into two very important organs in our body that you might not think get affected by weight gain. We will simplify what their functions are, and how they can be affected when someone begins to gain weight or is obese.

An organ is part of our body that has a particular important role to function the human body properly as a whole!


Healthy Heart: The heart being a very important organ that pumps the blood throughout our body. The heart supplies oxygen and nutrients, also getting rid of carbon dioxide and waste.

Obese Heart: Being obese or overweight, your heart has to work harder to pump blood through your body, this can put strain and stress on your heart. This pressure from the strain and stress that your heart is having to undergo can result in high blood pressure, which is the force of your blood getting pumped through your body. High blood pressure can cause heart failure, which is when your heart doesn’t have the ability to pump or process enough blood to fuel its needs. In addition to high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol can lead to heart failure as well, all with the possibility of leading to death.

Obesity > Strain on Heart > High Blood Pressure > Heart Failure > Possible Death

Diabetes is developed when the amount of sugar (also known as glucose) is too high in your body. This happens when you’re fueling your body with fats, fried foods, and unhealthy packaged foods. You are putting diesel in your unleaded car! When your sugar or glucose levels are too high, other organs in your body start to get affected and stop working properly. This can then cause diabetes, which also can lead to heart failure, and then possible death.

Obesity > Too Much Sugar > Organs Don’t Function > Diabetes > Heart Failure > Possible Death

Cholesterol is often in high fatty foods. When consuming too much cholesterol, your body can’t process it correctly. It can cause a buildup where your blood is trying to pump through your body. This can cause heart failure and then, possible death.

Obesity > Fatty Foods > High Cholesterol > Heart Failure > Possible Death


Healthy Brain: A healthy brain consists of six main functioning parts or lobes all with specific roles: 1) movement, memory, and decision making; 2) sensory information, right vs left, and reading; 3) vision and color scale; 4) balance and coordination; 5) memory, behavior and hearing; 6) bodily functions.

Obese Brain: Obesity causes the communication in the brain to differ. These communication roles affect functions and behaviors that are “normal” in our everyday life. Some of these “normal” functions being walking, talking, moving. What we take for granted can change dramatically when obesity starts to affect the brain.

The chemical levels in the lobes begin to differ when becoming overweight and obese. This can affect the different functions of each lobe. Now we will see less control of our mood, possibly even depression. You are less able to control impulses, attention span is shortened, diseases increase (cancer, heart failure, gallbladder disease). Disorder possibilities rise (parkinsons disorder, anxiety, mental health, vision loss), and the list goes on.

Connecting obesity to death seems like a harsh and almost funny connection doesn’t it? There is nothing funny about the fact that in South Carolina out of five kids and three adults, two are obese. That is ¼ of the population of the Palmetto State.

Words from #KellysCharlestonChallenge

When you realize that your body is becoming something that you might think is unhealthy, when you hear from a doctor or a nurse that you should be more at X weight instead of Z, when you climb a set of stairs and it seems harder than it used to be, when your memory or vision starts to become foggy -- these are all signs that South Carolina and America as a whole are just brushing under the welcome mat. You could be facing DEATH when you have the ability to be facing a healthy future.

It is a harsh reality friends, but as the days go on, younger and younger kids become classified as obese. It is time to step up. If you yourself are overweight or obese, let’s make a change. If your son or daughter is growing larger from the waist and not from head to toe, please make a change. They depend and learn from you. If you have a friend, co-worker, neighbor that you feel could use some help, please help them. Yes it is not always comfortable to talk to people about the fact that they should probably lose a few pounds to be healthier, so let’s become healthier together.

Every chance you have, let someone know that you care about them before they get diagnosed with diabetes and have to give themselves multiple shots per day; before they get diagnosed with high blood pressure and then leads to congestive heart failure; before they have to have heart surgery; before they lose their ability to walk and think clearly. Make a change in not only your life but help someone around you. America, we need to make a change now, or death could be knocking at your door at a very young age.

I can connect, because I was not a small child. I changed my behaviors as I began to grow up, and I am still changing them to this day. I also work with a lot of different clients that are working on changing their lifestyle and behaviors to become healthier individuals. My #KellysCharlestonChallenge to you this week is to possibly read this again, understand how dangerous and deadly gaining weight truly is. These were just two organs that obesity affects, other organs that are greatly affected are the lungs, skin, intestines, colon, kidneys, liver and spleen. Feel free to educate yourself on how these organs should be functioning and how they function when they are inside someone that is overweight or obese.

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