Exercise for free near me?

Exercise for free near me?

Read on to find out about different parks and places here in the Charleston area that are FREE. See what they have to offer and get ideas on what to do at each location! Don’t forget at the bottom of the article is the #KellysCharlestonChallenge of the week! Enjoy.

Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park:

The Waterfront Park in Mount Pleasant is a staple for many; from sport practices, to children on the playground, the pier, the entrance onto the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge and much more!

Fitness Ideas –

Looking for a jog or walk with a view? After parking (which is free) head toward the ocean, it will lead you right to the pier. From the gift shop to the end of the pier and back is about a half of a mile (see picture below).

The large field, which is the center point of the park, has an outer paved path which reflects the shape of a track. One full trip around this track is about .23 miles, go around five times and you’ll have your mile done in no time!

There are many crosswalks to take you across the road. Head toward the paved path that takes you up to the start of the bridge. As you head up the path you will see a small area ahead on the left hand side. Here there are pull up bars, benches for step ups, sit ups, dips, bars for balancing, use your imagination and you can do anything with this small adult playground (see picture below).

Continuing on the paved path you will find yourself on the bridge. Feel free to take the trek. Over and back is about 5 miles! See ‘Tips on using the Ravenel Bridge in your fitness plan’ a blog that was released 7/25/2017 to see different distances on the bridge, and a complete body workout at the bottom of the article!

*There are public bathrooms and water fountains in the park.

Address: 99 Harry M. Hallman Jr. Blvd. Mount Pleasant SC, 29464

Hampton Park:

Hampton Park is a hidden gem in Charleston, and one of the largest located here; 60+ acres of land in which there are many great features that you should go discover! The park is filled with trails, crossing throughout the whole grounds. The park is also a wedding venue for many! There is a large covered gazebo in case you need shelter from the rainy days. While working out, you can listen to the sounds of the cadets as well. The Citadel (which is a military based college) is located right next to Hampton Park.

Fitness Ideas –

The Duck Pond, which is located more towards the center of Hampton Park, is filled with ducks, geese, a small water fall, and a beautiful walking bridge crossing over the pond. This is a great spot to do a circuit workout! There is a large stoned circle in which you can do your exercises and then run around the duck pond and repeat! An idea would be: 20 lunges, 20 jumping jacks, 20 squat jumps, 20 push ups, run around the pond and repeat!

Like mentioned above there are walking paths throughout the whole park, you can run miles and never leave! There is a road that travels around the ovular shaped park, this road is a slow traffic road including a walking and biking lane. One full time around the park is exactly one mile. So for biking and running it is an easy distance to remember! There are fitness exercise stations around the perimeter of the park as well! Depending on the time of year the days differ but they close the perimeter road so it is safer and more spacious for walkers and runners to exercise and train for events.

*There are public bathrooms and water fountains in the park.

Address: 30 Mary Murray Drive Charleston, SC 29403

Park Circle:

Park Circle is located in central North Charleston. It is a small town located around a park, which is called Park Circle. There is a small strip of stores and restaurants, and a recreation center not far away.

The park itself is the home to Felix C. Davis Community Center, as well as a playground for kids, many picnic areas, ball fields, and surrounded with a disc golf course. Everything is free to the community.

Fitness Ideas –

The great part about the park is that it has a fairly wide sidewalk circling the whole park, one time around is .5 miles, so two times around and you have done one mile.

*There are public bathrooms when the community center is open.

Address: 4800 Park Circle North Charleston, SC 29405

West Ashley Greenway:

The West Ashley Greenway is a trail about 9 miles long reaching across West Ashley. This trail is great for walkers, joggers, runners, dogs, and bikes! There are markers along to trail to let you know the distance. Parking is available at both ends of the trail, most of the trail is dirt but an easy flat surface for the most part.

Fitness Ideas –

Take your family, friends, co-workers on a lunch break and go do a portion of the trail! The views are breathtaking, the trail is shaded by many trees throughout the route, you’re also traveling along the water, and going over small bridges. The trail distance will go by quickly with so much to look at and discover.

Address: Begins near the South Windermere Shopping Center (on Folly Road) and runs mainly along Route 17.


This week’s challenge is to go out and discover one of the FREE parks in your area. There are so many different amazing parks in the Charleston area it’s a shame if we don’t pay them a visit! So head on out and make a goal, how many miles will you travel as you site see? Three? Four? Five? Take pictures along the way and post them on your social media to share with your friends and me to motivate and get people up and moving!

Tag #kellyscharlestonchallenge so I can follow along to see where you have been! Any questions or concerns you can shoot me an email anytime! See you all next week for the next #KellysCharlestonChallenge.

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