Mosquitoes are out and Charleston County wants to help you control them

Mosquitoes are out and Charleston County wants to help you control them

Have you been outside lately? Chances are, you might be itching. Mosquitoes are out, and so is the info on how you can get rid of them.

Employees with Charleston County's mosquito control program are knocking on doors and letting people know how they can keep mosquitoes from breeding and biting. They've been canvassing neighborhoods in Mount Pleasant, James Island and all over the county for three weeks.

Experts say water is the easiest way to spread and control the mosquito population. Here in the Lowcountry, we may be surrounded by water, but there are things you can do to keep the pests off your property.

Have a birdbath or plant holder in the backyard? That's a potential breeding ground. Mosquitoes can lay eggs in anything that holds water and 5-7 days later, you have more mosquitoes.

Mosquito control officers suggest emptying anything outside that holds water at least every three days to prevent breeding.

Charleston County Public Works foreman Michael Huggins said high tides also impact the local mosquito population. Larger tides bring more water. More water with the tide means more standing water when the tides recede.

Mosquitoes can carry viruses, and officials say that's a big concern. Last week DHEC put out a reminder bout Zika as spring and the likelihood of more showers approach. Also last week, three local members of the US Navy were confirmed to have Zika, but it has been determined those cases were travel related.

If you're concerned, you can call Charleston County Mosquito Control at 843-202-7880 and a field inspector will come to your home for free to spray for mosquitoes and evaluate your outdoor space.

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