4,000 acres of Nexton project has new ownership

Swim Club (Provided by Newland)

Nexton has a new owner. The original owner Westrock sold 4,000 acres of the 4,500-acre property outside Summerville to a new developer.

California-based Newland Group offered a look at their plans for Nexton on Monday.

They want to bring in a total of 13,000 homes, three new schools, and new businesses to the area.

Meanwhile, Westrock has kept a small portion of the land. Officials say selling was in the best interest of long-term development.

"We had always intended when we got to this point to find the right long-term developer for the residential and commercial areas of Nexton. This is the perfect time to do that," said Westrock CEO Ken Seeger.

"The market is very strong, and we are able to pick a longterm developer that is extremely strong financially, and has a longterm vision of development at Nexton."

Newland officials say continued development will bring thousands of jobs to the area over the next decade.

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