Amazon boosts donations to local charities, but only for a limited time

File photo: MGN (Fickr/30 Lines)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- While Amazon's charity-minded website, AmazonSmile, has been around for a while, they're sweetening the deal for Father's Day.From now until June 15 (11:59 p.m. on June 15 to be exact), Amazon will give an extra $5 to the charity of your choice if you buy any eligible product on the AmazonSmile website.The program, which normally only donates 0.5 percent of the purchase price, has been online since November 2013 but the extra $5 boost just started June 9.There are some catches.There can only be one $5 donation made per customer. That means only one purchase, no matter how big it is, will qualify. The total amount donated also has a cap. Amazon will only be donating $1 million in all so if they reach that goal before you make your purchase, your charity will not be getting that extra $5, but they will still get the usual 0.05 percent.The purchase you make may also not have any other offers attached. Their terms and conditions clearly state "Offer may not be combined with other offers."They also state that if you return your purchase, the $5 donation will be rescinded as well.A search for participating organizations in the Charleston area garnered more than 1,000 results but we found a few Atlanta and Columbia-based results peppered in. If you don't already have a local charity in mind, you can try to find one by clicking here. Learn more about the AmazonSmile program here.
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