Billing changes coming for Mt. Pleasant Waterworks customers

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) --{}Mount Pleasant Waterworks is changing water meter routes more efficient, and it could have an effect on homeowners' reading, bill amount and due date.{}

Waterworks officials said during the transition, about 8,000 customers will not have their meters read during the month of January. While the customers will receive bills for basic facility charges and other charges associated with the bills, they will not see billing for water and wastewater use.{}

The meters will be read as the new routes are rolled out and factored into the February bill.{}

Other customers will receive bills that include more days than previous bills, so it may be higher than normal for the month of February, representative said. After that, the billing cycles will return to normal.{}

Auto-draft customers will have their balance withdrawn on the new due date.{}

Mount Pleasant Waterworks bills customers every Wednesday, beginning with Cycle 1 on the first Wednesday of each month. Bills are due 20 days later.

The result of the changes means a drop in the number of miles driven, the fuel cost, and driving time for crews, which leaves more time for other duties.{}

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