Bond denied for man arrested after Summerville hostage situation


Wesley Heatherly, the man arrested Friday after his wife, Amanda McNabb, was held hostage at gunpoint in Summerville, saw a judge Saturday.

He was visibly emotional and distraught.

“Are you currently under the care of a doctor for any reason mental health issues physical health issues and reason what so ever?” The judge asked.

“In Colorado I had similar issues and was put on a 72-hour hold,” Heatherly said.

Police say Heatherly was held up inside Carnival Cuts.

"I had no intentions what so ever of hurting anyone, hurting Amanda, hurting anyone else," Heatherly said.

He wasn't taking his prescribed medication or seeing a counselor.

“I should have gone to see a weekly counselor. I didn't want to take that time away from my daughter," Heatherly said.

At that time his daughter Allie was dying of a brain tumor. We interviewed McNabb last year before Allie passed away. McNabb was in court Saturday but didn't want to go on camera.

“He's having a hard time with life right now,” McNabb said to the judge.

McNabb said they're going through a divorce but he keeps showing up to the house despite a restraining order.

"He's been following me around. I'm afraid if he gets out he will…" she said while choking up and becoming emotional.

McNabb asked the judge to deny bond. A request he granted despite Heatherly’s plea.

Carnival Cuts, which is normally open on Saturdays, was closed.

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