Cane Bay English teacher named 2017 Teacher of the Year

BCSO Teacher of the Year (Provided)

Nick Snyder was named Berkeley County’s 2017 Teacher of the Year Wednesday morning. He teaches English at Cane Bay High School.

He joined 43 other teachers of the year from each elementary, middle, and high school in Berkeley County.

“All teachers give their time,” he said. “I really try to take time out, attend events, really become a part of their lives and invest in them as human beings rather than desks.”

Also nominated for teacher of the year was Shelley Matthews of Devon Forrest Elementary and Dylan Hudson of Philip Simmons Middle School.

“There are a ton of fantastic teachers I’ve worked with in both the schools I’ve been at deserving of these honors,” Snyder added.

Part of the BCSD Teacher of the Year prize is the use of a car during their one-year tenure as Teacher of the Year. Snyder was awarded new 2017 Jeep Cherokee Sport.

He received the award at an awards breakfast hosted by Trident Tech.

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