Case against Mount Pleasant woman accused of killing her father moving forward

Brittany Simpson (Al Cannon Detention Center)

Defense attorneys for Brittany Simpson got an opportunity Tuesday to learn more about the case against their client.

Police say Simpson shot and killed her father in May, after an attempt to have her evicted from their Mount Pleasant home. Attorney David Aylor said Tuesday's pretrial hearing provided insight to the case which will be valuable to his team. He admitted it isn't often that a client like Simpson makes an appearance in such a hearing, but he said it was also an opportunity for her to learn more about the case.

Mount Pleasant Detective Ashley Goode testified Tuesday, and Aylor said it was beneficial to have context added to what is otherwise just words on a written report.

Aylor said such preliminary hearings offer "a better understanding on how at least one witness is going to testify on some issues."

An official date for the trial has not been set, but Aylor said the case is moving forward. He was unable to provide specifics on how his team will defend Simpson, but he said such a preliminary hearing is a good sense on whether or not a plea deal is possible in the future.

“We’re still getting a lot of discovery in,” Aylor said.

According to an affidavit, Simpson confessed to officers that she killed her father. In a 911 call made after the shooting, you can hear Brittany tell her sister that someone came into the home through the backdoor and shot their father. Her sister said the smell of gunpowder was still in the air, and their father was locked in a room. Robert Simpson was shot in the chest.

The affidavit states Brittany Simpson changed clothes after the incident, put them in a backpack with a loaded pistol, and tied it to a pink dumbbell to submerge it in Molasses Creek.

After her arrest, Aylor said Simpson was unemployed at the time due to a disability.

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