CCSD board votes for school calendar that needs legislative approval

The school year will start a little early this August for Charleston County students -- if the state legislature agrees.

After tallying votes collected in recent weeks, the Charleston County School District Board of Trustees elected to move forward with a school schedule that would have classes start on Aug. 17.

The option, one of three parents could vote on, depends on the state legislature approving a bill that would allow school districts a one-year exemption from starting school before the third Monday in August.

Students will have two short weeks, according to the proposed schedule, with two days of classes the first week and then a three-day weekend because the district has elected to take off Aug. 21 for the solar eclipse.

Winter break will run from Dec. 21 until Jan. 4. The last day of school is set for June 1.

The other two proposed plans had classes resuming on Aug. 22.

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