Charleston detention center looking to fill 80 openings

File: Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center (WCIV)

The Charleston County Sheriff’s office says its working as quickly as possible to recruit, hire and train as many qualified applicants as possible.

But officials admit an improving economy makes it difficult.

Jail administrators said Monday there about 80 openings at the Al Cannon Detention Center.

With just over 1,200 inmates.. That means there’s one detention deputy for every 64 inmates.

With only seven new hires going through training right now, the sheriff’s office says current detention deputies are working a lot of overtime.

Despite the shortage, they contend there isn’t a threat to the community.

“Public safety, I don’t believe is at risk right now with the number of vacancies we have," said assistant sheriff and jail administrator Mitch Lucas. "I think that if we don’t get it turned around, we’ll have to re-visit how we do business over there," said But for the time being, I don’t think public safety is at a great risk.”

Meanwhile, administrators say there is still cause for concern. Currently the sheriff's office is authorized to have 458 civilian and detention center employees. Simply put, if sheriff's deputies are being used to fill gaps in staffing, there are potential issues.

"The fact that we're understaffed means that we still have that officer, but he's not fresh. He's not as sharp. And you know, we're concerned about that. It does affect the safety of the inmates to a degree," Lucas said.

To apply for a job as a detention center deputy, visit this website:

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