City councilman calls meeting outside Best Buy to discuss profiling

Councilman Mike Brown speaks about the incident at the North Charleston Best Buy. (WCIV)

North Charleston City Councilman Mike Brown was passionate Monday outside the North Charleston Best Buy. He was passionate about what he believes to be profiling by Best Buy employees.

Brown, joined by his attorney and other members of the community met outside the Best Buy on Rivers Avenue at 1 p.m.

The short notice meeting follows the release of a video on Facebook in which Brown said he believes he was profiled by store employees.

Brown said police were called to Best Buy in response to the incident he commented on in a post to Facebook. No one was charged.

"You think I cannot afford a $10 doggone cord? ...I can buy a cord," Brown said.

The councilman said profiling happens, and said it isn't just racial profiling. He believes it also happens based on how people are dressed in a store.

"I'm telling 'yall," this stuff has got to stop.

A Best Buy manager who met Brown and others outside the store said, "I hear a lot of frustration, and I understand."

Another store manager said he wanted to attend the meeting and find out what happened.

Best Buy spokesperson Danielle Schumann issued the following statement.

“While we are still reviewing exactly what happened in our North Charleston store, it appears that we handled the situation poorly. Because of that, we have apologized to Mr. Brown and we realize we need to continually improve moving forward. Best Buy is deeply committed to delivering an environment of respect that all of our customers and employees deserve and we will be revisiting our training procedures.”
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