District holds public meeting to discuss new schools, stadium

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Board members from the Charleston County School District have re-started a search for a location for the future Awendaw High School, officials said.

A survey released this week showed the original site had only 43 acres of usable land, with the rest being unusable wetland.

“We’re kicking off the process again,” said board member Todd Garrett. “It's not intended to delay the process at all. Building these schools is long term process.”

Board members will meet to discuss that issue as well as several other capital projects east of the Cooper River Wednesday. The meeting is open to the public and will run from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the James B. Edwards Elementary Media Center.

“We made a promise to the north end of the county, we’ll build a high school up there,” Garrett said. “We need to go ahead and identify land because it gets more expensive every year and less available every ear particularly for a tract this size.”

Other projects on the agenda include the new Carolina Park Elementary School, the proposed East of the Cooper regional stadium, the new Lucy Beckham High School, the Moultrie Middle School Expansion.

“Overall I think people are excited about having a new stadium,” said Board of Trustees Chair Kate Darby. “The old Wando stadium at the Beckahm site will be torn down.”

She added that the demolition was planned after the school’s final season in the fall of 2017. The district hopes to open the new shared regional stadium at Carolina Park in the fall of 2018.

But several neighbors in the area have already spoken of plans to file a lawsuit because of the planned stadium.

“I’m sure there are people right in the community where the stadium is being built that may not support it,” Darby said. ”For the most part I think people are really excited about all things we can do with stadium.”

The district plans to build the stadium large enough to seat 6,000 people. It will cost $18 million, with funds coming from the 2014 sales tax referendum and from selling ten-acres of land.

James B. Edwards is located at 855 Von Kolnitz Blvd in Mount Pleasant.

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