Fire at Snapper Jack's on Folly Beach

Snapper Jack's (Google)

Officials confirm Folly Beach Public Safety is responding to structure fire at Snapper Jack's on the corner of Center and Ashley streets on Folly Beach.

Crews responded shortly before 12:30 a.m. Thursday.

From the street you can see the charred remains of the third-floor deck. The banister and wooden fence is completely gone on the east Ashley Avenue side of the restaurant. The wood is typically a lighter color, but you can see most of it is charred black.

Cell phone video of the fire showed a ball of flames at the top of the restaurant.

Firefighters arrived the same time Snapper Jack's closes. There were about two dozen firefighers on the scene from Folly Beach Fire, James Island, and the Charleston Fire Department.

Crews were able to put out the flames quickly, but the damage had already been done.

"Coming up on the corner of the stoplight there on the corner of Snapper Jack's, I was just kinda taken aback by the top of the restaurant was on fire," said Jeffrey Peake. "It was pretty alarming."

Chris Fitzgerald had a scheduled wedding rehearsal dinner at Snapper Jacks Thursday night.

"They definitely told me it was canceled," he said. "Rain on your wedding day or structure fire on your rehearsal day, what you gonna do?"

We can't yet tell how bad the damage is on the inside of Snapper Jack's but an employee worried that more than 70 people will have to find work. She said it's likely the lower floors and computers were damaged by water.

Thankfully owners said they "anticipate the rooftop will remain closed for two to three weeks for clean up and repairs, but are confident the restaurant will re-open the main dining areas this weekend."

We're working to confirm if anyone was in the restaurant when it caught on fire but no injuries were reported.

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