Attorney described alleged actions of Ken Glasson as 'egregious matter'


Standing inside the Al Cannon Detention Center, Ken Glasson prepared to hear the charge filed against him.

"Kenneth Glasson, Jr you've been charged with criminal sexual conduct third degree," said Magistrate Judge Priscilla Baldwin.

Glasson’s attorney, Jeff Spell, reminded the court of his military service and clean record.

"My client is a retired Marine Colonel. He's got years of service to his country. 18 years in the community," Spell said.

"This defendant was the chaparone at the party," explained Michael DuPree, a lawyer for the alleged victim and her family.

DuPree told the court how Glasson violated the confidence of parents and students at a party. It was a prom party held at beach house on Seabrook Island on March 31.

"I think it’s just an egregious matter. This is not a college campus kind of thing where alcohol is involved among college students,” DuPree said. “This was an adult who was placed in a position of trust."

A court affidavit reveals what the victim told investigators. She said she had been drinking all day. She didn't recall how she got into the defendant's bedroom. But while in that room the victim recalls the defendant removing her clothes and laying her down on the bed. She stated he committed a sex act.

"The father of the victim had already called to make sure everything was going to be okay. They knew each other. And that's what makes it worse," DuPree said.

He said both families know each other through the military. Each side is now shaken by the accusations.

"I think he's a danger to children obviously. Young women,” DuPree said. “But you know he'll have to answer in court. He'll have to face his charges."

Glasson was granted a $10,000 bond. He posted it, then left the detention around 2pm. ABC News 4 tried to talk with him as he walked away, but he refused to comment.

He'll return to court on July 14th.

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