Girl Scouts rebound from cookie money theft with police department cookie stand

A local Girl Scout troop isn't letting a real-life cookie monster slow their season down.

Last week, a man was arrested after police say he stole $345 from their booth in West Ashley. On Monday, Troop 953 were invited to set up shop outside a very safe place -- the Charleston Police Department.

“It was obviously very disturbing to us that someone would steal from a girl scout group or children and wanted to make sure we reached out to them and supported them as much as we could,” said Police Chief Greg Mullen.

At Thursday’s bond hearing, suspect Stephen Sciarrino begged for a chance to go to rehab, telling the judge he was homeless and an addict.

"I'm homeless your honor, and I have a drug addiction," he said. "I violated my probation as well, and I want to get into rehab."

Troop leader Michelle Rowe said they’ve recouped the money and donations have been pouring in and adds the cookie theft has turned into a teachable moment.

“Drugs and what it can do to you and how it changes not just your lives, your family and the community,” said Rowe. “So, that is going to be a discussion we have as well.”

“This individual was asking for help and I sure hope that he gets it,” said Mullen. “I know there’s opportunities for that.”

The money raised will fund their trip to the Grand Canyon next year.

“They work towards it, they have to work for what they want and so it’s a whole learning experience about money and a goal,” Rowe said.

After 100 years of selling cookies, Girl Scouts are still unpacking iconic flavors, still just as irresistible, even for Chief Mullen.

“Thin Mints all the way,” he said. “They’re my favorites.”

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