Goose Creek tree cutting prompts concerns, questions


Most people in Berkeley County understand how growth is changing the landscape of their once mostly rural area. But when landscape started changing last weekend, many of them began wondering why heavy machinery was brought in ruin a beautiful area.

Drivers on College Park Road are seeing changing scenery as they approach Crowfield Plaza. Acres of land once covered with greenery are now reduced to shreds.

“A lot of birds and squirrels and all had nests in here,” Thomas Waldron said. He lives and works nearby. Waldron doesn’t like the idea of someone tearing down a natural habitat.

“That’s kind of sick. He should have never done it. He destroyed a lot of wildlife in there,” Waldron said.

Goose Creek city officials say a development company owns the land. While they aren’t happy to see the trees torn down, timbering is legal.

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“I think it’s horrible. I think it’s a show of nothing but pure greed,” said Mickey Mitchum, who lives in Goose Creek. “To tear up a part of the land like this just for his own gain is ridiculous.”

People like Mickey Mitchum want to know what’s next for the property. They wonder if more development is planned.

“I’m in this community and I think we all thought that it was going to be some type of strip mall or some type of grocery store,” said Mitchum. “But I mean I think they’re going to be outraged. I mean its senseless.”

Goose Creek city officials say the property is taxed as agricultural land. State law prohibits cities and counties from stopping the cutting down of trees. For now, the timbering will continue until developers decide what to do with the property.

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