Heavy rain, tide flood Charleston area streets

This photo was taken on Huger Street in downtown Charleston Thursday morning. A section of the street was closed due to flash flooding but was reopened by 9 a.m.

We know flooding is always an issue downtown when you've got heavy rain. Couple that with high tide and you could see heavy flooding on Charleston's historic streets.

That was the potential Thursday morning as early-morning commuters made their way around a maze of roads known to hold water while rain pounded windshields.

We drove down I-26 and saw several drives using their flashers. Visibility was practically zero, and there was heavy pooling in some sports of the highway.

A potential for flash flooding downtown, along the interstate, on James Island and in West Ashley will remain a concern through the rush hour. Significant flooding happened early on Folly Beach, shown in photos above.

While there was talk of Tropical Storm Emily earlier in the week, that storm system is long gone, no longer tropical and not what's bringing rain to the Lowcountry. A low developed south of us this morning and is causing heavy rain to move up the coastline.

Weather is expected to stay unsettled through the day with periods of heavy rain possible. This low and associated boundary will fall apart just in time for a cold front to approach from the west Saturday, keeping things soggy.

The National Weather Service reports automated rain gauges collected 3-5 inches of rain from 4 a.m. until 6:50 a.m.

Our weather pattern will remain unsettled through the middle of next week as that cold front is expected to stall. The bottom line is that over the next week we will have to dodge showers and storms from time to time. Temperatures will be at or below average with the clouds and rain. Highs will be in the middle 80s today and Friday, close to 90 over the weekend, and then stay in the low 90s early next week.

Thursday Tides

H: 5:11am L: 11:25am

H: 6:01pm

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