Honoring the Charleston 9

Honoring the Charleston 9

Sunday marked 10 years since the Sofa Super Store fire.

The tragedy took the lives of nine firefighters from the Charleston Fire Department.

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A memorial ceremony took place on the site around 7 p.m. Fire fighters lined the walkway as the families were escorted in a sea of blue.

Bag pipes played in the back ground as they were seated.

Once the ceremony started Reverend Jimmy Gallant read letters written from the families in memory of their loved ones.

Gallant says he served as senior chaplain for the police department for 23 years and had a relationship with each of the victims.

He was there that night and explained the pain he felt when he told the families it was no longer a search and rescue but a recovery.

He says it was that moment he became a part of those families.

"You just don't forget because of the incredible depth of pain that came out of this whole event,"he said. "I will never forget it."

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After the service, people gathered around the memorial sites, sharing stories and memories of those nine men who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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