House vote means islands can continue work to ban plastics


Folly Beach and Isle of Palms have been working on banning plastic bags to protect sea life and the local economy. The House voted Tuesday to reject a bill that would have stopped their bans.

The 50-49 vote means the House has to wait until next year to debate the issue again.

Last year, the City of Folly Beach voted unanimously to ban plastic bags, Styrofoam and balloons on beaches.

Isle of Palms also has restrictions in place for plastic bags. Isle of Palms residents we spoke to say they support the ban and want to do their part in preserving the beaches.

All four gift shops on the Isle of Palms Front Beach strip transitioned to biodegradable plastic and paper bags a year ago. One store owner said it was hard to find a vendor for the paper and biodegradable plastic bags at first.

"It was costly, but not when you think about all the sea life we have here on Isle of Palms. It's well worth it," said business owner Sharon Jackson.

Conservationists say the bags litter the waterways and harm the enter food chain when fish and sea turtles eat the plastic. rs.

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