How you can help hungry children with free meals


We all know the importance of a well balanced meal, especially when it comes to children.

Most school lunch programs provide healthy and nutritious meals for kids, but what happens when those schools shut down for summer break?

According to Charleston County School District officials, about 25,000 students, or half of their total enrollment, qualify for free school meals during the school year.

To fill that need, CCSD's Nutrition Services Department provides free breakfast and lunch through its Seamless Summer Feeding Program (SSFP).

The meals are cooked in CCSD school kitchens and handed out at various schools, camps, community and recreation centers, and churches around the county.

The program is available to any child or teenager 18 years old or younger that goes to one of these sites during the summer.

To become one of those sites and do you part to help keep children from going hungry, you can apply to host a site here.

The SSFP website has more information including a site eligibility map, dates of operation, site application, menu, training dates, the 11 meal pick-up sites (schools), and FAQs.

Last year, SSFP served 277,885 free meals over the 44 serving day period at 159 sites across Charleston County.

The program runs from Tuesday, June 6 until Friday, August 4 but only on Monday through Friday (no weekends). They are also closed on July 4.

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