Hurricane Matthew brings out the best in competing King Street businesses


Sharing is caring, even among two competing downtown businesses.

With Hurricane Matthew looming in the distance, two King Street clothing stores came together in a time of need.

Tim Shaw is the owner of 319 Men. He's boarding up to prepare for the storm.

Across the street is Grady Ervin and Company. They're staying open.

The two stores usually compete for business but now they're helping each other.

319 Men is giving Ervin all of their unused plywood for when Ervin does decide to close.

Shaw says he's happy to give.

"That is core of King Street, local merchants that join together to help one another and have for many many years," Shaw said. "That is what King Street was founded on, the local merchant that helps each other in friendly, not a harsh competitor way."

Chip Ervin, the owner of Grady Ervin & Co. says they can't afford to close for four days so the help is much appreciated.

"Got a few free sheets of plyboard, so we're going to have some stuff to board if necessary," Ervin said. "We'll wait but when time comes we'll batten it down and head home and be safe. Nice neighbors? Absolutely. We look out for each other. King Street is a tight knit family, all want to see eac hother get through this without too much damage and loss of business. We'll open when we can and be ready to go."

Both owners say it's especially hard to close now because October is a big month for tourists and weddings.

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