Isle of Palms man wants more done by city to curb speeding island's roads

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An Isle of Palms man has had enough with people speeding in his neighborhood. He says he's repeatedly begged city council for more enforcement, but not enough is being done.

41st Avenue is a quiet street and the houses sit very close to the road. That's why neighbors say it's so dangerous when people don't follow the 25 mph speed limit.

Randy Bell has taken up a new pastime at his isle of palms home.

He's tracking people who don't follow the speed limit and logging it to turn into city council. He's even confronted those breaking the law.

"Just for frustration purposes I purchased my own radar gun for $80," he said.

The purchase comes after he what he calls numerous complaints to the city about speeding on 41st Avenue.

"It's chronic I would say 95 percent of the cars are going at least 35 miles per hour. A significant number of them still in the 50 mph range," he said.

The city will install solar speed signs sometime this week. But Bell is frustrated that it took months after the signs were approved to see them finally in place.

And he says it's not enough.

"I think it will warn people that care that they're speeding but I think the predominant amount of people do not care," Bell said. "Without enforcement it's still not going to solve the problem."

He wants to see stop signs and speed bumps added. But more importantly he wants police to ticket violators to ensure his neighborhood is safe.

"We're getting back to high season, there are more people coming here than ever before and I would also offer one should go out at about 7:30 a.m. and watch these kids stand at the bus stops in the morning," Bell said.

He says he'll continue his citizen patrolling until the city wakes up.

"I've made it a bit of mission," he said.

The city administrator says she wants people to realize it took some time to get the solar speed signs approved. They had to calculate the price then get it approved by SC Department of Transportation before ordering the signs and poles.

The city says the signs will be in place before peak boating season begins.

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