Perimeter of prison cleared following riot

(WCIV/Brandon Geier)

RIDGEVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- A Lowcountry prison remains on lockdown following a riot Wednesday night.

It took hours for the chaos at Lieber Correctional Institute in Ridgeville to finally calm down. Officials say inmates sparked a riot there around 10 p.m., causing two officers to be injured.

A spokesperson for the S.C. Department of Corrections says the security scare began inside the Ashley Dorm at Lieber, which holds about 300 inmates. The dorm was locked down around 11 p.m.

Officials say, at one point, two guards were overtaken by inmates but were later released.

During the riot, two calls came into our newsroom about the incident. One woman, who identified herself as the mother of an inmate, said that she received a phone call from her son telling her that a major riot had broken out.

Also a person claiming to be a Lieber prisoner called ABC News 4 from inside the facility. He said prisoners had taken over the Ashley Dorm and that hostages were taken. He observed prisoners lighting fires in the windows in the Ashley dorm. He also said he watched as a guard was carried out bleeding.

The S.C. Dept. of Corrections wants the public to know that it is safe. Extra security has been brought in to establish a perimeter around the facility. Officials say everything has been contained at the prison.

This is not the first time, there has been trouble with inmates at Lieber. There have been atleast two well documented escapes from the facility.

In 2001, convicted murderer Anthony Brown, 30, escaped from the maximum security prison by hiding in a 18-Wheeler. Then in 2007, Oscar Beecher McDowell, 31, who pleaded guilty to the brutal murder of his girlfriend was also able to escape. Officials say McDowell was able to use hand and power tools to tunnel his way out of Lieber.

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