Joey Meek withdraws appeal to prison sentence


Joey Meek, friend of convicted Emanuel AME gunman Dylann Roof, has withdrawn an appeal of his more than two-year prison sentence.

Deborah Barbier, Meek's court appointed public defender, confirmed her client's decision Wednesday afternoon. Barbier declined to comment further on the matter.

The court documents detailing the decision to withdraw the appeal were not available through the court's online filing system as of this writing.

Meek appealed his 27-month prison sentence March 28. He was originally sentenced Tuesday, March 21, to prison on the charge of misprision (concealing) of a felony.

Federal prosecutors accused Meek, 22, of lying to FBI investigators about his knowledge of Roof's plot, and encouraging other friends he told about it not to call authorities once they found out Roof had gone through with the plan. Meek himself did not initially report Roof, either.

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Dylann Roof was sentenced to death for the Emanuel AME shootings, which left nine people dead the night of June 17, 2015.

Federal Judge Richard Gergel sentenced both Meek and Roof.

Prior to Meek's sentencing, Gergel denied federal prosecutors' request to increase Meek's punishment to more than the maximum sentence. Prosecutors argued the horrific nature of the crimes warranted a stiffer punishment.

Meek's attorneys had asked Judge Gergel to consider a lesser sentence, including no jail time, because of mental health issues he suffered.

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