Leveling the playing field for Charleston renters

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Charleston city leaders, property owners and people who want to rent out their homes came together tonight during a meeting in West Ashley.

City leaders listened to their concerns, hoping to create a level playing field when it comes to vacation rentals.

Charleston is a vacation paradise, a goldmine for people wanting to rent rooms out of their home and for property owners.

But some feel not everyone is paying their fair share of taxes.

Tonight meeting addresses some of those concerns,

Keven High from Walk Away Stays believes not everyone is paying their fair share of taxes. “Somebody can rent a place for me for 100 plus 13 and a half percent or this person for 100 dollars and no taxes taken, the city loses out on all the tax revenue” says High.

City leaders were on hand to address some of those concerns, saying the city is looking into licensing regulations.

Planning manager Christopher Morgan says, “ should we allow them in the city to set up license procedure that would include accommodating taxes for short term rentals .. they would be legitimate.

Many at the meeting tonight, said licensing regulations need to change to make it easier for people to rent out a room while also making sure everyone pays the same amount in taxes..

City officials all looking into all options.

Tonight's meeting is one of a series of meetings. The next one is march 25th at Charleston charter school math and science

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