Local political analyst talks about President Trump visit

College of Charleston professor and local political analyst, Gibbs Knotts, says it's hard to predict much about and coming out of the presidential visit Friday.

But Knotts said it was certain going in that a big part of the message would be about jobs.

“I expect him to be more on message today, talking about jobs. That was maybe his biggest campaign theme, so I would be surprised if he wades into controversy. You know you always tease me a little bit and say ‘you didn’t think Trump was going to be the nominee, you didn’t think Trump was going to be the President,' So, Trump is always going to be one that throws the playbook out and you just never know what to expect with our new President.”

Knotts spoke about the union vote at Boeing and what it means for politicians, businesses and workers.

“Not only does it allow them to expand more and potentially attract other businesses. I think from a recruiting business standpoint, it’s huge," he said. "It’s really, really big. It’s an advantage that South Carolina has over some other states. From a worker’s standpoint that may be another story. It’s still a state where wages are lower, the poverty rate is higher. So you know just like anything, there are pros and cons to unions, There’s no question about it.”

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