Louie's Kids helps with young girl's first Bridge Run

Louie's Kids helps with young girl's first Bridge Run

At any given time at Mount Pleasant's Water Front Park, you'll see people walking their dogs or taking a jog.

On Wednesday nights, as the sun begins to set over the Ravenel Bridge, you'll see Louie's Kids working out.

“Today 33 percent of adolescent children are not just overweight in the United States, they're obese.” said founder of Louie's Kids Louis Yuhasz .

His goal is simple; help kids lead a healthy life.

Yuhasz said his inspiration came from his late father.

“My dad was a morbidly obese man," he said. "When he did suffer a stroke, he had to be crane lifted out of the front window of our home to be taken to the hospital.”

Liliana Carias joined Louie's Kids last year and has been moving ever since.

“I was very stationary, kind of not just doing much, and coming here makes me more energetic," she said. "It makes me use my energy for something good, something positive.”

She said she’s meeting tons of new people as well.

While Louie's Kids is helping Carias train for her first Cooper River Bridge Run, she says they're also teaching her the importance of a balanced diet.

“Eating something healthy before (the run), so I don't get too tired, but just trying to make it all the way without having to stop too many times,” Carias said about competing in the race.

With the help of parent coaches, Carias has all the help she needs to stay the course.

“We offer, social, emotional behavioral change aspect to our program," said Parent Coach Margaret Taylor. "I meet with families here on sight to help them with a blueprint for change.”

Carias is excited to run in the 40th Annual Cooper River Bridge Run.

“I'm sure there's going to be hundreds of people there," she said. "I may not be one of the top 100, but I'll try to make it.”

To join Louie’s Kids, visit their website.

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