Charleston boat captain in Texas helping people stranded in Hurricane Harvey floodwaters

Jamie Hough (WCIV)

A Charleston boat captain made the 20-hour trip to Texas this week to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, and says he's already made several rescues.

In a Facetime interview Tuesday, Jamie Hough told ABC News 4 he wouldn’t be surprised if this is the worst natural disaster the U.S. has ever seen.

Hough says his phone has been ringing off the hook, and he’s received countless text messages from people on Facebook asking him to rescue their loved ones.

Hough became emotional, though, when revealing that despite his and others' efforts, he hasn't been able to help everyone.

"I hate that we can't get downtown," Hough said. "We're in the middle of Houston right now. I've got friends that are sending me addresses of their family members and their friends that are downtown. I hate the fact that I can't get to them.”

Hough says the need for boats and volunteers in Texas is crucial. Water in some places is several feet high, and the rain is still coming down.

"We've got folks right now that are on roofs falling in the water off the roofs and drowning," Hough says. "We've got people trapped in attics that can't breathe. You've got to cut holes in the roofs to get them out. This is not a good situation.”

Hough is also worried about people not being able to get gas. He says most of the gas stations in Beaumont County where he was Tuesday afternoon were already out.

Hough says if people know of friends or family that need to be rescued, to reach out to him on his Facebook page, and he will do his best to get to them.

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