Mississippi snow reaction: 'Pray, pray for our survival'

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WCIV) - The great white devil is falling from the sky in Mississippi and it's time to pray.

That's the humorous message from a middle school teacher as snow fell in the Deep South, canceling schools, closing businesses and government offices, much like in the Lowcountry.

Aaron Pogue posted the video report on snow from what appears to be his back yard with the message: "PRAY FOR OUR SURVIVAL!!!"

"As you can see we've got this snow just falling from everywhere," Pogue said as the video started. "It's just falling from the sky and we're not going to work today."

Pogue opined that there were dead bodies practically littering the streets of most of the state of Mississippi, adding that while he didn't know how the people of the state would react: "Work ain't an option."

The minute-long, over-the-top, humorous tirade about the weather has more than 20,000 shares.

"I'd probably die if I stepped right there," Pogue said, flashing the cellphone camera to a spot of snow- and ice-covered cement.

"I'm sure people are just horrified at this white demon falling from the sky," he continued. "And pray. Pray for our survival."

Watch the original and share it here.

Pogue is one of the most recent in a line of people to upload funny videos of snow to social media websites. On Tuesday afternoon, someone posted a screencap of Jim Cantore kneeing an onlooker in the groin as the onlooker rushed into his live shot on the College of Charleston campus.

The video has been shared tens of thousands of times across Twitter and Facebook.

See that story here.{}

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