Nexton Neighbors Excited About Planned Restaurants


What’s next for Nexton? The up and coming community in Berkeley County is getting a lot of attention on Facebook after a developer says future plans were leaked.

Nexton covers 4,500 acres near Interstate 26 and Highway 17-A near Summerville.

The Nexton neighborhood is buzzing about new businesses that are planned for the property. The proposed Nexton Square could include popular restaurants.

Tommy Hall, general manager of Hall's Chophouse in downtown Charleston, confirm plans to build a dining spot in the fast growing Berkeley County community. And a manager of Taco Boy on Huger Street tells ABC News 4 an expansion to Nexton is possible.

"One of the reasons we moved here in Nexton was because of Carter Grace," admitted Sherri Carter as she holds her infant granddaughter.

While she happily rocks her infant granddaughter on the front porch of her home, Sherri and her daughter, Kristen, talk about the social media chatter regarding new dining spots in their neighborhood.

"Hopefully within the next five years we'll have all those restaurants. Maybe with a couple of shops where we won't even have to leave Nexton," Carter said.

"We're excited because we bought into Nexton knowing that that was coming. I think we're excited to kind of know some of the names now that we'll be following," said Kristen LaPlante, who lives nearby.

As more traffic passes through, signs are posted for another shopping venue. But its Nexton Square that has neighbors hoping for other amenities to join their quaint community.

"What's missing right now is the Harris Teeter that's not here yet, but coming directly behind our house. And just some restaurants inside of Nexton," Carter said.

Developers tell ABC News 4 final plans for new businesses could be announced in a couple of weeks. People like Sherri Carter look forward to seeing the next chapter of Nexton.

"Well we're real excited about those possibilities. Hopefully within the next five years," Carter said.

Charles Fitzhenry, an official with Realty Link Commercial LLC, a commercial real estate development company in North Charleston, said plans for Nexton Square are being finalized now. He expects to make an announcement in the next couple of weeks about which businesses will move there.

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