Nurse fired for refusing flu shot

By Alexandria Hoff -{}bio{}|{}email

LANCASTER, Penn. (WHTM) -- A pregnant Lancaster County woman was fired from her job as a nurse after she refused to get a flu shot for fear it would harm her unborn child.

Dreonna Breton, 29, was let go from Horizon Healthcare Services in Lancaster on Dec. 17.

The company responded with a statement that read, "Mandatory flu immunization protects our patients, employees, and community from getting this potentially serious infection."

The policy itself has been contagious throughout the country.

The American Academy of Family Physicians suggests that providers "include serious measures to prevent transmission of influenza from unvaccinated workers to patients. Such measures might include a mask requirement, reassignment to non-patient-care duties, or dismissal of the employee."

Brenton has said she offered to wear a mask, but the company opted for dismissal.

Several nurses at various hospitals in the area said it was made very clear that they would be fired if they refused to get vaccinated.


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