PTA: No Santa in Sangaree Elementary School pictures


Holiday events are already being planned here at Sangaree Elementary School, but one yearly tradition will be different.

The PTA sent a letter home to students earlier this week. The letter states the yearly Christmas pictures of students with Santa Claus will be changed. Instead of using Santa Claus, a winter wonderland theme will be adopted.

The PTA says that it wants to make sure that children of all religious backgrounds are able to take part in those photos.

The plan as gotten mixed reviews thus far.

Katie Sharp didn't know about the change until we told her. She takes care of her friend's children. one of them attends nearby Sangaree Intermediate School.

"Not getting Santa Claus pictures, that's absurd," she said. "That's unheard of. Religious background shouldn't discriminate against what some of the kids like. Santa Claus is a major think. It's Christmas."

Berkeley County school leaders say the decision to drop Old Saint Nick from student photos comes from the PTA, not the school district.

"I'm okay with Santa Claus, and I'm okay with a winter wonderland theme. Either way, I think it's Christmas related," said Sangaree parent Amie Fletcher.

Fletcher's son attends Sangaree Elementary. She understand why the PTA made its decision.

"I think that they're just trying to make everybody happy. I don't think they want to step on any toes religiously. So, I think that.s why they are probably changing it," she said.

"I think it's a good idea that they do the winter wonderland theme instated of doing the Santa Claus, because everybody may not believe in that," said Dayami McCants.

Still, people like Katie Sharp aren't fans of the plan.

"I think Santa Claus should stay. I'm firm on that," she said.

In a written statement, PTA president Cindy Lear said the decision was made by people who attended the last meeting. She said they approved the winter wonderland background. She goes on to say the PTA is dedicated to ensuring all students and parents are respected at all events.

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