Report: Sec. officer would not stop attacking truck driver until threatened with pepper spray

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- An argument between a security officer with the State Ports Authority and a truck driver turned physical and ended in the officer's arrest and termination.

According to a spokesperson with the SC State Ports Authority, a security officer with the SPA was fired following a physical altercation with a truck driver Thursday afternoon at the Wando Terminal in Mount Pleasant..

According to Allison Skipper, the truck driver was leaving the Wando Terminal in the outbound truck lane when the security officer approached the truck driver. Skipper says the officer got into a verbal altercation with the truck driver that turned physical.

According to a report from the SPA, security officer Jackie Williams opened the door of the truck and jumped inside, striking the victim in the head with his fist, knocking the victim to the floor of the cab. The victim tried to fight back with a flashlight but Williams wouldn't stop attacking.

The report says the responding officer had to threaten the use of pepper spray two times, pointing the spray directly in Williams' face before he would stop attacking the victim.

Skipper says Williams was arrested for simple assault and terminated on the spot.

Skipper says the security officer is a non-credentialed officer, meaning he is not a sworn-officer and does not carry a gun.

Skipper says it is customary for security officers working the outbound lanes to check the receipt that each truck driver is carrying to make sure he or she is leaving with the correct container(s).